What's The Best Way To Fight The Flu?

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You might be aware that it's flu season, likely because you, a family member or friend has been coughing, sneezing, feeling achy and tired. It comes with season.

And, of course we know that the flu can be dangerous. In the U.S., it can kill more than 35,000 people in a year.

This year's flu season is a nasty one. The current flu vaccine is a poor match for the virus that's out there, which can cause some pretty severe symptoms. Then, there are questions about the best way to treat the flu.


Carey Goldberg, co-host of WBUR's CommonHealth blog. She tweets @commonhealth.


CommonHealth: Quick, Take Tamiflu? Maybe Not A Slamdunk If You’re Young And Healthy

  • I had the decided impression that the data on Tamiflu as a flu-fighter were underwhelming. That it just isn’t all that effective. That doctors prescribe it because they have nothing better, but without a lot of hope that it will do a lot of good."

This segment aired on January 16, 2015.


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