Belichick: Didn't Know About Deflated Footballs

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick said he has "no explanation" for how his team's footballs ended up under-inflated during the team's AFC championship win against the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday.

"I can tell you that in my entire coaching career, I have never talked to any player, staff member, about football air pressure. That is not a subject that I have ever brought up," he said during a press conference at Gillette Stadium Thursday.

But Belichick suggested that quarterback Tom Brady might have some information.


Ben Volin, NFL reporter for The Boston Globe. He tweets @BenVolin.


The Boston Globe: Bill Belichick Throws Tom Brady Under The Bus

  • "Brady is the one who grips the football on every play and obsesses over its condition. In 2006, it was Brady who was a driving force behind an NFL rule change that allowed road teams to provide their own footballs. Prior to that, the home team supplied them all, tailored to the specifics of the home quarterback."

The Boston Globe: Patriots Will Pay For Deflategate, One Way Or Another

  • "So it’s becoming apparent that deflating footballs was a deliberate tactic orchestrated by someone with the Patriots. The question is, who did it? And how should the NFL penalize the Patriots?"

NPR: Scientists Say The NFL's 'Deflate-Gate' Isn't All Hot Air

  • "Deflating the ball does give a team an advantage. The ball is slightly squishier and particularly during that game, which was very rainy, it's hard to hold the ball, it's hard to catch the ball. So by making it a little softer, it's easier to catch the ball."

This segment aired on January 22, 2015.


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