Massachusetts Senator Ed. Markey On Net Neutrality

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We look at the push for net neutrality, the idea that internet providers should treat all traffic equally. Thursday, supporters of that principal, which includes a lot tech companies here in Massachusetts, are cheering a decision by the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, who released a plan to regulate the Internet like a public utility.

Wheeler says the approach "assures the rights of Internet users to go where they want, when they want, and the rights of innovators to introduce new products without asking anyone's permission."


Senator Ed. Markey. He tweets @MarkeyMemo.


BetaBoston: Markey Says FCC Is ‘Finally Getting It Right’ With Net Neutrality Proposal

  • "Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler on Wednesday released a plan that would expand its authority over broadband providers by treating the Internet as a public utility. The move, if approved later this month, would transform how Internet services are regulated."

This segment aired on February 5, 2015.


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