The Perils Of Snow Rage

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"Keep calm, and shovel on."

That's what the front page of the Boston Herald urged us to do this week. But it's not easy.

Not with those long lines for the T — if it's running at all — and those painfully slow, snow-clogged roads. Not with the growing cabin fever with the kids home from school, again. Bottom line: as the snow piles up on the city, so does a whole lot of stress.

Research shows that winter storms cause people to exercise less, eat and drink more and forego the regular social interactions with friends and family. And all this is making us cranky. Here are a few headlines from the police blotter:

A Somerville man attacked a snowplow driver with a shovel.

A plowman in Andover pulled a gun on another driver.

An Arlington man crashed his truck into a fire truck because he was angry that the firefighters had shoveled snow from a hydrant onto a sidewalk he'd already cleared.


Dr. Barbara Green, clinical psychologist and medical director of Youth Health Connection at the South Shore hospital.


The Boston Globe: Move over, MIT Alps! Lawn On D To Host Trick Skiers And Tube Rides

  • "The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority has erected a two-story snow hill on the Lawn on D, the 2.7-acre park next to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. It’s too small for real Olympic events, but a team of professional skiers and snowboarders will use it to perform tricks this weekend as part of the three-day Slope Fest event that also includes an ice bar, food trucks, and a Latin music dance party."

The Boston Globe: Tempers Flare During Wait For Overcrowded MBTA Trains

  • "Stacy Cohen arrived at the Maverick MBTA station in East Boston around 9:10 a.m. Wednesday only to find the key Blue Line station was already awash with people, some of whom had very short tempers."

This segment aired on February 18, 2015.


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