Woe Is The Commuter Train Rider

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Using the commuter rail to get in and out of Boston has been a bear for the last few weeks.

Honestly, it might have actually been easier if you were a bear. A polar bear, at least. Because the commuter rail has had major trouble getting operations back online. Dozens of trains have been canceled, and the trains that are running are on a modified schedule.

And Thursday, Gov. Charlie Baker admitted that given "how big a deal this [is]," he probably "should have gotten engaged" directly with the public transit system sooner.

It's a meaningful shift in tone from Wednesday, when Baker met with officials from Keolis, the company that operates the commuter rail, and said he was "done with excuses" from the company.

"Whatever the service level is at night, it better be that the next morning," said the governor. "The traveling public needs to be able to stand on a platform and actually know what the story is with respect to the trains."


Mac Daniel, spokesman for rail company Keolis.

Michael Fitzgerald, author of a story about commuter rail for this weekend's Boston Globe Magazine.

This segment aired on February 19, 2015.


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