Baker Wants To Eliminate State Film Tax Credit

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We're getting details about Gov. Charlie Baker's proposal to close a state budget gap that could be as large as $1.5 billion. Baker has ruled out tax increases, so that means some tough choices about what gets spared and what gets cut.

Here's a case in point: the governor wants to double the earned income tax credit, which gives low-income families money back on their tax returns. It's regarded by many as an effective way to alleviate poverty and help the working poor.

But to pay for it, the governor wants to eliminate the state's film tax credit program, which provides tax credits to the local movie industry. Supporters of the program say it boosts tourism an helps create jobs.


Don Packer, co-owner of the post-production company, EngineRoomEdit, and former president of the Massachusetts Production Coalition. He tweets @donpacker.


The Boston Globe: Proposal To End Massachusetts Film Tax Credit Provokes Strong Reactions

  • "That’s what film industry insiders and union officials warn Massachusetts will become if legislators sign off on Governor Charlie Baker’s plan to ax the state’s film tax credit program in favor of expanding tax credits for low-income workers."

This segment aired on March 3, 2015.


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