Mass. DOC Updates Search Policies After Attorney Complains

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Prisons have to have tight security and strictly follow rules about searching those coming inside. But when might those searches go too far?

Patty DeJuneas, an attorney with Sibbison & DeJuneas was trying to visit a client at MCI — Norfolk last month when her underwire bra set off the metal detector. This happens frequently, according to other female attorneys.

But what followed — DeJuneas says — was an ordeal. She was asked to lift her shirt and shake her bra in front of a female correctional officer to search for potential contraband. DeJuneas promptly filed a complaint with the state Executive Office of Public Safety.

Earlier this week, the department wrote to DeJuneas, saying any future searches will not include asking any visitor to shake out a bra.


Patty DeJuneas, attorney with Sibbison & DeJuneas.


WBUR: Mass. Prison Officials Alter Policies After Attorneys’ Bra Search Complaints

  • "The Massachusetts Department of Correction has updated its search policies after some female attorneys complained they were subjected to unlawful searches when going to see clients."

The Boston Globe: Female Lawyers Challenge ‘Invasive’ Searches At Prisons

  • "When lawyer Patricia DeJuneas walked through the metal detector at MCI-Norfolk, a medium-security prison, and the machine sounded, she was not surprised."

This segment aired on March 12, 2015.


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