Charles River Thaw Comes Slowly But Surely

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This winter, everything slowed way down — at least for a time — traffic, transit, life in general during all those snow days. The same thing is true for the Charles River, parts of which have been locked in ice for months. But the official start of spring is only six days away, so Friday morning, Meghna went down to the Esplanade to see if there's any inkling of the coming thaw on the great river.


Julie Wood, director of projects at the Charles River Watershed Association.


The Boston Globe: Slow-Melting Snowpack May Last Another Month

  • "The mounds of snow are finally melting, but it could be more than a month before anyone in the area spies the shoot of a crocus or daffodil, much less wide swaths of grass."

This segment aired on March 13, 2015.


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