Leaks Leave The Gardner's Collection Vulnerable

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This winter has put our patience, our public transportation system — for many of us — our roofs, to the test. In that regard, the majestic Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston is no exception.

The day after the Gardner's director Anne Hawley announced that she would be stepping down, a guard at the museum noticed water dripping down into a gallery on the museum's third floor. And this isn't the first time the Gardner has experienced leaks, leaving its priceless collection of artwork vulnerable.


Sebastian Smee, Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic for The Boston Globe. He tweets @SebastianSmee.'


The Boston Globe: "Buckets and rubber mats were deployed on the floor in [the Long Gallery], where Mrs. Gardner used to host parties and musical performances. Objects were rushed to conservation or draped in plastic to prevent damage; whole areas were cordoned off."

This segment aired on March 13, 2015.


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