Pipe Bombs And Tamerlan's Wallet Examined In Tsarnaev Trial

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Today, the jury heard from Robert McCarthy, a police officer who collected two pipe bombs from Watertown, state trooper Matthew Hess, and state trooper Patrick Moynihan, a fingerprint expert.

Hess collected the ballistics on the SUV the Tsarnaev brothers hijacked and drove to Watertown. Moynihan testified that receipts found within Tamerlan's wallet showed he bought possible equipment for the bombing in the days leading up to the marathon, including two backpacks from Target the day before.


Jack Lepiarz, WBUR reporter. He tweets @Lepiarz.


WBUR: Jury In Marathon Bombing Trial See Pipe Bombs Tossed At Police

  • "Trooper Robert McCarthy showed the jury two pipe bombs filled with BBs used by the brothers four days after the marathon attacks as they battled with Watertown police."


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