Hiawatha Bray On Tech: Premium Cable Networks Cut The Cord

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The way we watch TV is changing at lightning speed — since 2010, the cable industry has cumulatively lost 3.8 million households who have either cut the cord or just failed to signed up.

Many of those households now stream their TV shows through Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, just to name a few.

Next month, they'll be able to add HBO Now to that list — the premium cable network is launching an internet service that doesn't require a subscription to cable, and it's partnering with another powerhouse: Apple.

In other technology news, we're saying goodbye to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.


Hiawatha Bray, technology writer for The Boston Globe's business section. He tweets @GlobeTechLab.


The Boston Globe: Can Microsoft Rise As Internet Explorer Browser Falls?

  • "Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser was once so successful it nearly got the company killed. And now it’s been sentenced to death, as part of Microsoft’s plan to reinvent itself."

Variety: HBO Now Finally Breaks Up The Pay-TV Bundle

  • "The pay-TV bundle is facing new threats to its existence. Two of the industry’s anchors, HBO and Showtime, are planning to cut the cord, launching over-the-top Internet services that don’t require subscriptions to a cable or satellite service — with HBO setting a date for its new offering with a powerful partner: Apple."

This segment aired on March 19, 2015.


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