New Plan To Tackle Seafood Fraud Follows Fish From Ocean To Plate

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Here's a question that is particularly pertinent to folks here in New England: Do you know where the fish you eat comes from? You probably don't, and here's why:

Even though the U.S. controls more ocean than any other country, and catches millions of tons of fish every year, we export almost a third of it. And we import almost 90 percent of what we consume.

This raises big questions about where the fish comes from; and big opportunities to mislead consumers with mislabeled fish. Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and seafood fraud is a huge problem and just recently, at the International Seafood Show in Boston, the Obama administration introduced a new plan to combat it.

At the heart of the strategy to curb illegal fishing is an effort to track fish and shellfish from where they're caught to where they're sent. The hope is to preserve the word's fisheries, protect the seafood market — and to help consumers know what they're eating.


Paul Greenberg, author of American Catch: The Fight For Our Local Seafood. He tweets @4fishgreenberg.

Senator Edward J. Markey. He tweets @SenMarkey.

Andrew Nagle, seafood sales and purchasing and inventory management associate at The John Nagle Company.


Boston Globe: US Aims to Curb Seafood Fraud

  • "A presidential task force drafted the plan, which will be launched almost immediately. It includes 15 measures to curb illegal fishing and fraud, including leaning on foreign governments to crack down on pirates stealing fish from other countries’ waters, and a new system to trace seafood before it enters US ports."

NOAA: Presidential Task Force Releases Action Plan to Combat Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing and Seafood Fraud

  • "This plan articulates the aggressive steps that federal agencies will take both domestically and internationally to implement the recommendations the Task Force made in December 2014."


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