Week in Review: Watertown Report, Police Shooting, Boston 2024

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A just released after-action report on the response to the Marathon bombing is out, and the state calls the overall response "a great success," but says dozens of law enforcement agencies were poorly coordinated and that officers lacked "weapons discipline."

Also this week — the growing controversy and disarray around Boston's Olympic bid, including fading public support — and charges from Chairman John Fish that opponents are unpatriotic. "What bothers me a lot is the decline of pride, of patriotism and love for our country," Fish said.

Meanwhile, in Dorchester, police officers kill a black suspect and the Boston police take an unprecedented and bold step to avert a crisis. "To see this was just really stunning for us, and when we saw the video we understood why we were called in," said the Rev. Jeffrey Brown.

Plus, Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the consequences of $1.3 trillion of student loan debt. "The set of loans from 2007-2012 are on target to make $67 billion in profit. That is obscene," Warren said.


Jim Stergios, executive director of Pioneer Institute. He tweets @JimStergios.

Dante Ramos, deputy editorial page editor for The Boston Globe. He tweets @danteramos.


Radio Boston: Boston Police Department’s Transparency Gambit In The Shooting Of Officer Moynihan

  • "In his hospital bed at Boston Medical Center, Officer John Monynihan watched a unique and difficult video. According to The Boston Globe, he saw a surveillance video of the attack that put the 34-year-old officer in intensive care last week."

Radio Boston: Sen. Warren And Rep. Cummings On Refinancing Federal Student Loans

  • "Last week, Massachusetts Sen. Warren pushed for an amendment to a budget bill that would allow students to refinance their federal loans and cut their interest rates from as high as 10 percent to less than 4 percent."

BostInno: From Olympic Critic To Defiant Boston 2024 Leader: John Fish's Dramatic 180

  • "Months before Suffolk Construction CEO John Fish rounded up an A-list of power brokers to discuss a potential effort to bring the 2024 Summer Olympics to Boston, he thought the idea of hosting a three-week sporting event in the Hub was a waste of time and resources."

This segment aired on April 3, 2015.


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