What's Next In Second Phase Of Tsarnaev Trial

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First thing Tuesday morning, jurors will return to the Moakley Federal Courthouse in South Boston for the start of the next phase of the death penalty trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Two weeks ago, that same jury convicted Tsarnaev on 30 counts relating to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. 17 of those counts carry the death penalty, a punishment that some victims of the bombing have asked the government to take off the table.


Daniel Medwed, professor at Northeastern University School of Law. He tweets @danielmedwed.


The Boston Globe: Couple Who Lost Limbs In Bombings Opposes Death Penalty

  • "A pair of prominent survivors deeply affected by the Boston Marathon bombings joined Bill and Denise Richard Sunday in asking the federal government not to pursue the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes, newlyweds who each lost limbs in the attack, said they have wrestled with their feelings about Tsarnaev in the two years since the bombings nearly killed them and upended their lives."

WBUR: Parents Of Martin Richard Urge Authorities To Take Death Penalty Off Table For Marathon Bomber

  • "Bill and Denise Richard, whose 8-year-old son, Martin, was one of three people killed by the April 2013 explosions at the marathon’s finish line, write in a piece in Friday’s Boston Globe that sentencing Tsarnaev to death 'could bring years of appeals and prolong reliving the most painful day of our lives.'"

WBUR/Boston Globe "Finish Line" Podcast: What To Expect In The Second Phase Of Tsarnaev Trial

This segment aired on April 20, 2015.


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