Supreme Court Declines Convicted Murderer's Appeal For Sex-Change Surgery

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The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from Michelle Kosilek, the convicted murderer who has been seeking a sex-change surgery while held in a men's prison in Norfolk.

A landmark ruling in 2012 by U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf originally found in favor of the surgery, citing "cruel and unusual punishment" — but an appeal by former Gov. Deval Patrick to the first circuit court reversed the decision late last year.


Jennifer Levi, director of the Transgender Rights Project for GLAD. She tweets @JenniferLevi1.


The Boston Globe: High Court Rejects Inmate's Appeal For Sex-Change Surgery

  • The rejection of Kosilek’s appeals by the nation’s highest court appears to bring an end to Kosilek’s hope of getting the sex-change surgery at taxpayer’s expense, an idea that seemed inevitable after a groundbreaking ruling in 2012 by US District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf.

This segment aired on May 6, 2015.


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