New Questions Around The Death Of Joshua Messier

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The 2009 death of Joshua Messier, a schizophrenic patient at Bridgewater State Hospital, raised important questions about how the institution cares for people who are prone to violence.

Now, the attention is turning to the office of Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz. A state medical examiner ruled Messier's death a homicide caused by prison guards restraining him, but Cruz decided not to pursue criminal charges.

The examiner, Mindy Hull, has accused the district attorney of misrepresenting her medical opinion on Messier's death.


Michael Rezendes, investigative reporter and political writer for The Boston Globe. He tweets @MikeRezendes.

Eric MacLeish, attorney for Clark, Hunt, Ahern and Embry. He represented the mother of Joshua Messier, Lisa Brown.


Radio Boston: Watchdog Group Reports Poor Conditions At Bridgewater State Hospital

  • "Patients are shackled to beds, kept in solitary confinement and treated like criminals — even though they haven’t been convicted of anything."

This segment aired on May 13, 2015.


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