David McCullough Explores The Wright Brothers And The Dawn Of Flight

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In December of 1903, on a wind-swept ocean dune in North Carolina, two bicycle mechanics from Dayton, Ohio changed the history of the world.

With his brother Wilber watching nervously, Orville Wright successfully took off in a powered aircraft that was heavier-than-air.

He flew for 120 feet for just 12 seconds.

But that short jump launched the era of human flight. It was a dramatic accomplishment, especially for the two Wright brothers who never even completed high school, and they did it in a time when many people didn't believe that human flight was even possible.

David McCullough will be speaking about "The Wright Brothers" at the First Parish Church in Cambridge Monday, as part of an event sponsored by the Harvard Book Store and Mass Humanities.


David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian. His latest book is "The Wright Brothers."


The Guardian: Three States Bicker Over 'First In Flight' Claim — But Who's Got It Wright?

  • "Lawmakers in two states have chosen to fight over flight, contesting a third state’s claim that the Wright brothers did not make aviation history and were in fact beaten in the race to become the first to fly."

This segment aired on May 18, 2015.


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