Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack On Fixing The T And A Broad Transportation Vision

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The T struggled amid record snowfall this winter. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)
The T struggled amid record snowfall this winter. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

Stephanie Pollack took over as the Massachusetts transportation secretary in January 2015, just one month before the region was buried beneath record-breaking snowfall, a crippled commuter rail and the MBTA.

We discuss the winter storms and the ongoing discussions about how to fix the T and transportation in general.


Stephanie Pollack, Massachusetts transportation secretary. She tweets @Steph_Pollack and her agency tweets @MassDOT.


Gov. Baker's Special Panel To Review The MBTA: Back On Track: An Action Plan To Transform The MBTA

  • "Some have called the winter of 2015 a ‘stress-test’ for the MBTA. While the MBTA ‘survived’ the test, short-term costs were significant in disruption, economic losses, and public and private hardship. The long-term costs are even more troubling: the loss of public confidence in our regional transit system. The catastrophic winter breakdowns were symptomatic of structural problems that require fundamental change in virtually all aspects of the MBTA."

Northeastern University: Testimony Of Stephanie Pollack Before The Joint Committee On Transportation (March 2013)

  • "Around the world and around the country, other governments are choosing to invest – and invest big – in transportation...Massachusetts cannot stay competitive regionally, nationally orglobally without making a substantial and long-term investment in creating a 21st centurytransportation system."

Northeastern University: On The Right Track: Meeting Greater Boston's Transit And Land Use Challenges (2006)

  • "The first step, however, is to acknowledge what many know but few have been willing to state clearly and publicly: the MBTA transit system is an essential regional economic development asset whose very future is in danger."

This segment aired on June 2, 2015.


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