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Nationwide Survey Finds 1 In 4 Women Experience Sex Assault On Campus20:25

A newsletter on preventing gender violence at the University of Oregon. (PROWolfram Burner/Flickr)MoreCloseclosemore
A newsletter on preventing gender violence at the University of Oregon. (PROWolfram Burner/Flickr)

Almost a quarter of women in college say they've been sexually assaulted or victims of sexual misconduct, according to a nationwide survey of 27 schools that came out Monday.

Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth and Yale were among the schools surveyed by the Association of American Universities. In total, 150,000 students responded.

The numbers paint a grim picture of America's college campuses — but how exactly did the survey work? What do the numbers actually mean? And where do we go from here?


Janet Halley, Harvard law professor and author of "Split Decisions: How and Why to Take a Break From Feminism."

Colby Bruno, senior legal counsel of the Victim Rights Law Center.


Association Of American Universities: Campus Survey On Sexual Assault And Sexual Misconduct

  • "The primary goal of the Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct was to provide participating institutions of higher education with information to inform policies to prevent and respond to sexual assault and misconduct."

The New York Times: 1 In 4 Women Experience Sex Assault On Campus

  • "In four years of college, more than one-fourth of undergraduate women at a large group of leading universities said they had been sexually assaulted by force or when they were incapacitated, according to one of the largest studies of its kind, released Monday."

Harvard Gazette: Troubling Findings On Sexual Assault

  • "Women at Harvard College appear especially vulnerable to sexual assault, the survey said. More than 60 percent of women in the College’s Class of ’15 responded to the survey. Of those, 31 percent said they had experienced some sort of unwanted sexual contact at Harvard."

This segment aired on September 22, 2015.

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