Denny Alsop Draws Attention To Massachusetts Water In An Unusual Way

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Denny Alsop near the Charles River in Newton (Deborah Becker/WBUR)
Denny Alsop near the Charles River in Newton (Deborah Becker/WBUR)

One man is trying to draw attention to clean water in Massachusetts in an unusual way.

Sixty-nine-year-old Denny Alsop has been paddling the rivers of Massachusetts for the past month — riding a canoe he made himself all the way from western Massachusetts to the Hatch Shell, where he is expecting to end his trip Wednesday.

We met him along the Charles River in Newton.


Denny Alsop, Stockbridge resident


The Berkshire Eagle: Alsop Set To Arrive In Boston — By Canoe

  • "Despite rain, snow and chilly weather better suited for December than April, activist/conservationist Denny Alsop will be arriving in Boston on Wednesday morning — by canoe."

The New York Times: Canoeist Crosses Massachusetts In Pursuit Of Idea

  • "Denny Alsop says he made a 33-day trip across the state by canoe to implore all who would listen to clean up and preserve the water."

This segment aired on April 19, 2016.


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