Week In Review: Mayor Walsh's Woes, Deflategate, Proposed Tobacco Ban

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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh at WBUR. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh at WBUR. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

There was news this week that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has been drawn into the federal investigation of allegations of strong-arm tactics used by union leaders against developers and other businesses in the region.

"The issue at hand is whether the permitting agencies in the city of Boston and other cities have been improperly used to put pressure on private citizens and developers to hire union labor," said former state inspector general Greg Sullivan. "And, if that is happening, it would represent a very serious thing and one that should be completely eradicated."

The events in question date back to when Walsh worked as a union leader, but before he became mayor.

"I never bullied anybody, any developer, I mean that's just not my style," the mayor said on Herald Radio Wednesday. "And, anyone that knows me knows that's just not my style. I just know that when I built these relationships, it was important for me to reach out and try and get more work for the men and women of the trades and whatever tools were at my disposal. And what I mean by that, there was opportunities for market recovery money and some other things. It's about building a dialogue and building a conversation."


Renée Loth, columnist for The Boston Globe and editor of Architecture Boston Magazine. She also writes for WBUR's Cognoscenti and tweets @reneeloth.

Jabari Asim, professor of creative writing at Emerson College and executive editor of The Crisis, the journal of the NAACP. He tweets @jabariasim.


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The Boston Globe: Secrets Of The Grand Jury

  • "This case isn’t an investigation into a bank robbery, where the question is not whether a crime occurred, but the identity of the perpetrator. The question here is whether a crime occurred at all in connection with labor officials’ efforts to ensure that developers hire union workers. More significantly, the case involves constitutionally protected activities, free speech, and the right to engage in collective action."

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The Boston Globe: Mass. May Raise Tobacco Age To 21 From 18

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This segment aired on April 29, 2016.


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