Veteran Serves Up Breakfast, Helps Other Vets

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For many veterans, returning to civilian life is not easy. One of the challenges that does not get a lot of attention: the struggle veterans go through trying to figure out how to apply their military skills to a new venture.

"There have definitely been times where I didn't exactly know where I was gonna go next, and I noticed that I was not a civilian like everybody else was," said Army veteran Rob Whitten. "You can't lead an infantry unit and lead a team of designers and engineers and marketing people the same way. You can be a lot more direct with infantry guys."

After speaking with friends about what his next move would be, Whitten founded his own business: a food truck called Morning Salute. It's hard to miss on the streets of Boston. The truck is proudly decorated with the words "veteran powered start up" along with the silhouette of a soldier saluting while holding a coffee mug.

Radio Boston's Tim Skoog caught up with the truck recently, and brings us an audio postcard.

You can fin the locations for Morning Salute food truck on their website or twitter @morning_salute.


Rob Whitten, former Army Infantry Captain and owner of Morning Salute food truck. He tweets @morning_salute.

Patrick Arabie, former Navy Petty Officer, Second Class.

This segment aired on May 30, 2016.


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