Edify: Mass. Educators Look For New Ways To Teach The History Of Race In America

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Source: WBUR survey. (Susie Cagle for WBUR)
Source: WBUR survey. (Susie Cagle for WBUR)

When it comes to the question of how to teach the history of race in America, there are no easy answers. Still, more and more teachers in Massachusetts agree that whatever the right way is to approach the complicated topic of race, it involves going beyond history textbooks.

"The text doesn’t really matter as much as the conversations the skills and the writings and the critical thinking strategies they’re using to tackle that text," according to Amy McCleod, the head of the curriculum department at Lowell High School.

Tonya Mosley, the senior reporter for WBUR's Edify, spoke with McCleod and several educators in the state who are stepping away from traditional textbooks when teaching about race and racial history.


Tony Mosley, senior education reporter for WBUR's Edify. She tweets @TonyaMosley.

Abby Erdmann, retired Brookline High School teacher.

This segment aired on September 19, 2016.



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