Gary Gulman On Creating Comedy Out Of Everyday Irritations

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Comedian Gary Gulman has made a name for himself by bringing humorous insight into everyday interactions. For instance, Gulman remembers when someone in the grocery store check-out line abandoned her cart to grab more items. Rather than waiting patiently, like he might normally, he raised his fist in the air and yelled, "This isn't fair!"

"In my fantasy, it started a groundswell of support," he says. But in truth, "There was silence... except for one guy behind me who said, 'Here we go...' ".

Gulman recounts this story and many others in his new Netflix special, "It's About Time."

Gary Gulman will be performing at The Wilbur on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.


Gary Gulman, stand-up comedian. He tweets @GaryGulman.

This segment aired on September 30, 2016.


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