When Your Protagonist Buys A Gun: Margot Livesey On Her Latest Novel

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Margot Livesey's new novel is 'Mercury.' (Courtesy HarperCollins)
Margot Livesey's new novel is 'Mercury.' (Courtesy HarperCollins)

In 2009, Boston-area author Margot Livesey wrote a guest column for The Boston Globe about what it takes to buy a gun in Massachusetts.

"I learned two things during my inquiries," Livesey writes in the column. "The first is that despite my feeling that I was doing something momentous -- crossing into the country of gun owners -- other people took my desire for citizenship in the nation of the armed for granted. It was my previous lack of desire that needed explanation. The second is that being a citizen of this kind is not as hard as I imagined."

Seven years after that column ran in The Globe, Livesey has now published a book in part inspired by the experience of attempting to purchase a firearm. The novel is called "Mercury."

Margot will be speaking at Newtonville Books on Thursday, at the Brookline Booksmith on Friday, and at the Concord Festival of Authors on Saturday.


Margot Livesey, author. She tweets @MargotLivesey.

This segment aired on October 24, 2016.



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