A Million Postcards To President Trump? Watertown Joins In

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(Credit: Darren Hsu/Flickr)
(Credit: Darren Hsu/Flickr)

"The strength of our country is in our diversity and our spirit of inclusion. "

"The world is laughing at us."

"America needs a leader, not a tweeter."

"We who did not vote for you are also your constituents. The world and America need you to lead a government of unity and generosity, not a reign of division and terror."

That's a sample of the postcard messages that a group of people from Watertown wrote to President Trump as part of something they are calling "The Ides of Trump." It's part of an effort to send President Trump a million postcards on a single day — today, March 15, the Ides of March.


Eileen Ryan, Watertown resident and organizer of the local Ides of Trump campaign.

This segment aired on March 15, 2017.



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