Is Harvard Business School Responsible For The Moral Failures Of American Capitalism?

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Harvard Business School (Florian Pilz/flickr)
Harvard Business School (Florian Pilz/flickr)

Leveraged buyouts. Maximizing profits over people. Astronomical executive pay packages. "Creative accounting." The financialization of everything. And the financial crisis. They are all part of a rogue's gallery of questionable corporate practices that have taken place over the past several decades.

Financial journalist Duff McDonald says there's one thing that binds them all together: Harvard Business School.

In his new book, "The Golden Passport," McDonald casts a critical eye over the business school's century-long history and asks, "Is Harvard Business School complicit in, and even responsible for, the moral failings of American capitalism?"


Duff McDonald, financial journalist and author of "The Golden Passport." He tweets @duffmcdonald.

This segment aired on May 2, 2017.


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