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Hiawatha Talks Tech: Your Internet Browsing History Isn't Private08:25

Typing on a computer (Glenn Carstens-Peters/Unsplash)
Typing on a computer (Glenn Carstens-Peters/Unsplash)
This article is more than 3 years old.

We all use the internet to look up a variety of things: from the mundane list of pantry items to try to fashion a reasonable dinner without another trip to the grocery store, to some more intimate things.

If that browsing history became public, it could be embarrassing. Or worse, if info got into the wrong hands, it could end a career.

Some researchers in Germany have uncovered ways to identify people based on supposedly anonymous browser history. We look at how this is done and whether you can protect yourself.


Hiawatha Bray, tech reporter for The Boston Globe. He tweets @globetechlab.

This segment aired on August 3, 2017.


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