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Mayor Walsh Looks To Gain Support For New Coastal Resilience Plan16:01

This article is more than 2 years old.

Mayor Marty Walsh's plan to protect the city from rising sea levels is essentially a complete re-design of the Boston waterfront. He unveiled the plan Wednesday during his annual speech at a breakfast at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

"It calls for 67 acres of new space and 122 acres of revitalized open space on the water front. It links to our emerald necklace, and reflects the same values of public health, public access and world class design. It's a vision of a city more connected to our waterfront and to each other," he said during the speech.

Nearly 700 people attended the breakfast, and he received a standing ovation from business leaders — one group whose support he'll need as he works to make his vision a reality.


Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston. He tweets .

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