Tory Bullock And Catherine Morris On Being Millennials Of Color In Boston's Arts Scene

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Catherine Morris (left) and Tory Bullock (right). (OJ Slaughter for WBUR)
Catherine Morris (left) and Tory Bullock (right). (OJ Slaughter for WBUR)

As WBUR's Artery takes a look at 25 millennials of color influencing Boston's art scene, we sit down with two of them to discuss what it means to make the Artery 25 list and how they use their art and voice to make a difference.


Tory Bullock, performance artist. He tweets @ToryShiloh.

Catherine Morris, founder and executive director of Boston Arts and Music Soul Festival, which tweets @BAMSFest.

This segment aired on March 28, 2019.

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