Looking ahead at health care and public health in 2022 across Greater Boston

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As part of a special weeklong series looking ahead at the year 2022, we discuss Greater Boston's health care system — and the short-term and long-term challenges it's facing over the next year. Plus, are there some important lessons or tools that have developed during the pandemic that could permanently change health care for the better?

We talk about it and take listener calls with WBUR reporter Martha Bebinger, and Michael Curry, CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers.

This segment aired on January 3, 2022.

Headshot of Tiziana Dearing

Tiziana Dearing Host, Radio Boston
Tiziana Dearing is the host of Radio Boston.


Headshot of Martha Bebinger

Martha Bebinger Reporter
Martha Bebinger covers health care and other general assignments for WBUR.


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Chris Citorik Senior Producer
Chris Citorik was a senior producer for Radio Boston.



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