Week in Review: Voting rights, Healey, and omicron

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After months of anticipation, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has finally announced she is throwing her hat in the ring for Governor. What lies ahead for her and the other candidates?

Then, some hopeful pandemic news: after a huge spike in cases due to omicron, numbers are dropping rapidly in the region. We’ll discuss that trend and other reasons why we’re cautiously optimistic about the future of the pandemic.

Additionally, we talk about the fight for voting rights that took place in the Senate this week, and the repercussions the fallout may have locally, particularly in the race for Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Our expert panel includes former Boston City Councilor and current CEO of Verdant Medical Tito Jackson as well as former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift, who is now the president and executive director of LearnLaunch.

This segment aired on January 21, 2022.

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Chris Citorik Senior Producer
Chris Citorik was a senior producer for Radio Boston.


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