How to prepare the perfect at-home Valentine's Day meal

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  • Earlier this week we discussed Spotify’s relationship with artists in light of the recent controversy over the streaming platform and protests against misinformation that appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. In late December, Dr. John Abramson, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School, joined Joe Rogan on the podcast for his own Joe Rogan experience and addressed some of that misinformation that guests before him had brought to the show.
  • Staying in this Valentine’s day? We’ll be sharing tips and tricks on making a romantic dinner at home as special as one out on the town. We’ll be taking listener calls and are joined by Bryan Roof, executive food editor and on-screen test cook for Cook’s County Magazine.
  • Earlier this month, Mother Nature dumped two-plus feet of snow on Boston. But that’s nothing compared to what happened on February 6th, 1978 – 44 years ago this week. In honor of the chilly anniversary, we revisit our conversation with Michael Tougias, author of Ten Hours Until Dawn, which chronicles the epic blizzard of ’78.

This program aired on February 10, 2022.


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