Special Hour: Radio Boston goes to the library

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  • Today on Radio Boston we’re hitting the books and dedicating the full hour to our love of libraries. To kick it off,  we discuss the demonstrations that took place inside several Boston libraries last month opposing the city's masking policies. Should libraries be considered a public space where anyone can come demonstrate for a cause? Or are they more a place of peace and privacy, dedicated to learning and reflection? We speak with Anita Cellucci, a librarian at Westborough High School and the K-12 Library Department head. She's also a lecturer for Plymouth State University in New Hampshire where she teaches an online course for children’s and young adult literature.
  • Continuing our special hour on libraries, we catch up with two local men we spoke to back in 2019 about their ongoing quest to visit every library in Massachusetts and learn more about the best libraries the commonwealth has to offer. Our guests are Adam Zand and Greg Peverill-Conti co-founders of Library Land and also the PR agency, Sharp Orange.
  • We speak with two local bookstore employees about their book recommendations for this spring. They are Katherine Nazarro, manager and bookseller at Porter Square Books in Cambridge and in Boston, and Caroline Harvey, co-owner of Dogtown Books in Gloucester.
  • To close out our special hour on libraries, we revisit a conversation we had in December with certified MacArthur Genius Reginald Dwayne Betts, who is planning to build 1,000 micro-libraries in prisons across the country - starting with MCI-Norfolk Correctional Facility in Norfolk, Mass.

This program aired on March 3, 2022.


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