Kane's Donuts joins the list of family-owned businesses facing in-family fighting

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One of the most popular shows on television is HBO's "Succession," about truly brutal internal squabbles in a family media empire.

Family business squabbles are not just in the realm of fiction here in Greater Boston, though.

The Berkowitz brothers behind Legal Sea Food had a public falling out in the 90s. The Demoulas family behind Market Basket has been to the state Supreme Court twice to untangle family feuds.

And now: the Delios.

The five Delios siblings are equal co-owners of Kane's Donuts. But President and CEO Paul Delios is suing his four siblings, saying that he has been the one responsible for the executive decisions at Kane’s Donuts. Those decisions, he claims, have increased annual sales from $500,000 to more than $8 million during his 15 years of leadership.

And he says his siblings are trying to push him out.

We talk about the challenges of owning a family business and how common these types of feuds are with Boston Business Journal reporter Grant Welker and Ted Clark, Director of the Northeastern University Center for Family Business.

This segment aired on March 14, 2022.

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