How 'MBTA communities' are handling the state's requirement to build more housing

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This is the Radio Boston rundown for February 8. Yasmin Amer is our host.

  • In this week's edition of "From the Newsroom," we look at public records laws in Massachusetts, why the governor's office is excluded from those laws, and what the Healey administration's approach to transparency has been so far.
  • It's no secret that Massachusetts is facing a housing crisis. But is the state's proposal to increase housing density in towns and cities (outside of Boston) that are serviced by the MBTA the right approach? We'll look at how these 175 "MBTA communities" around the state are handling the new zoning requirements and other possible solutions to address the lack of housing in Massachusetts.
  • Did you know that part of what is now Boston's Chinatown neighborhood used to be the city's Little Syria? At its height in the 1930s, 15,000 Syrians lived in the area, but today there are few remnants of what was once the hub of Syrian life in Boston. We discuss a new exhibit at MIT that looks to preserve that history and culture.

This program aired on February 8, 2023.


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