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Tim Riley | WBUR

Tim Riley is associate professor of journalism at Emerson College, a music critic and author most recently of "Lennon: Man, Myth, Music."

Tim Riley

Listening Back: 50 Years Of The Beatles' 'White Album' | On Point. Nov 28, 2018 .. . Tim Riley, associate professor of digital journalism at Emerson College.

The Rock Christmas Canon | On Point

Dec 24, 2012 ... Guests. Tim Riley, music critic and assistant professor at Emerson College. He's editor of the “Riley Rock Index” website.

Rock 'n Gender Roles | On Point

Sep 17, 2004 ... Rock music has always meant rebellion, but music critic Tim Riley says that when it comes to the question of gender, rock music, more than ...

Show rundown for 2/14/2005 | Here & Now

Feb 14, 2005 ... Our rock critic Tim Riley looks back at pop music written to other rock stars. This program aired on February 14, 2005. Robin Young Co-Host, ...

Sgt. Pepper Turns 40 | On Point

May 23, 2007 ... Tim Riley, author of "Tell Me Why: The Beatles: Album by Album, Song by Song, the Sixties and After." Quotes from the Show: "It was a time of ...