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Europe-America: Who Leads?39:13

This article is more than 16 years old.

In 1952, the "Partisan Review," one of America's oldest and most respected literary and cultural journals, asked American intellectuals to assess the political and cultural changes brought about by the events following WWII. Earlier this year, the Partisan Review held another conference titled "Our Country, Our Culture," which looked at how the last half-century has affected the American society and its relationship to the rest of the world.

On this week's show, we presented excerpts from the conference's final panel which explored the current dynamics of the European-American relations. David Pryce-Jones, senior editor of National Review, discusses how the Americanization of Western Europe and America's foreign policy has given rise to anti-American sentiments in Europe, most prominently in France. Boston University professor of politics Liah Greenfeld compares and evaluates the stances of American and European intellectuals towards their own countries. Connor Cruise O'Brien, well-known Irish diplomat, writer and historian, looks at how America's Middle East policy has affected its relationship with European countries, and what might improve their relations in the future.

This program aired on September 1, 2002.

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