Religious Tolerance II

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The Society for Middle Eastern Studies is a Boston University graduate student organization that seeks to create an intellectual and academic environment within the university for the discussion of social, political and cultural issues in Middle Eastern countries. Earlier this month, the society organized a panel discussion titled "Examining Religious Violence - A Panel on Tolerance and Intolerance in Monotheistic Religions" that tackled various topics such as violence in Islamic thought and the role of tolerance in church and state.
On this week's show, we heard Professor John Clayton, chair of the Boston University Division of Religious and Theological Studies, speak on "Toleration, Modernity, and the Asymmetry of Power." His discussion focused mainly on the role of tolerance in the interaction between church and state. Professor Abdel-Rahman Mohamed, former professor at Boston University's School of Communication, spoke on "Prophecy and Intolerance" and explained how we can find the source of intolerance in prophecy. Afterwards, we heard questions and answers on such issues as the justification of killing civilians in Islamic law and the state of tolerance in poorer countries.

This program aired on October 20, 2002.

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