The Future of American-European Relations39:13

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Over the last few months, the Institute for Human Sciences at Boston University has held a series of lectures on the changing relationship between Europe and the United States.

On this week's show, former Minister President of Saxony, Kurt Biedenkopf, spoke on the future of American-European relations. His talk was sponsored by the Institute in cooperation with the American Council on Germany and the Goethe Institute of Boston. Afterwards, Krupp Foundation Professor of European Studies at Harvard University, Peter Hall, responded to Minister Biedenkopf's remarks.

Biedenkopf pointed out that the relations between America and Europe in the future will be determined by the U.S. acting as a world power, a seemingly disconnected Europe and the evolution of new powers. Professor Hall called for a resurrection of diplomacy between the two, in light of their recent debates over the war in Iraq which have been characterized by intemperate language.

This program aired on May 4, 2003.

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