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BU Students On Their Generation's Attitudes26:50


It's graduation time across the country, with colleges and universities holding their commencement exercises including Boston University.

In honor of all the hard work leading up to this important milestone in a young person's life, we thought we'd share with you some of that work — specifically, stories written and produced by students from this semester's Advanced Radio Journalism class in the College of Communication at Boston University.

The students were given the following assignment: pick any major issue or topic and "file a story or commentary" on how today's attitudes may differ from when their 'baby boomer' parents were young. Their selections varied widely, ranging from college-debt, to sex, to racial diversity.

In this special edition of the World of Ideas, Lauren Gniazdowski looks at student debt; Dan Trudeau explores the prospective job market; Karen Rowan looks at women in science; Diana Epstein looks at issues facing African Americans; Lauren Cox reports on today's independent music scene; Maggie Haskins has a story on changing sexual attitudes; Emily Reddy narrates a story by Eva Zadeh on today's techo-generation gap; Amy Reay reports on fear; Ellissa Mummolo takes us through one of her Italian family's traditions; Katrina Grigg Saito explores multicultural families; and Eva Zadeh delivers a commentary on her mixed roots.

Special thanks to Boston University Associate Professor, Anne Donohue, who helped edit their stories.

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