Fix The T, Build Affordable Housing, Improve Schools: Locals Share Their Vision For A Better Boston In 2030

On Wednesday, the city asked for the public's ideas on how to make Boston a better place to live in the year 2030. So, we asked a few folks around the city what their vision for Boston in 2030 was. Here's what they said.

Amid Industry Shakeup, Some Daily Fantasy Sports Customers Drop Business

As regulators and lawmakers review DraftKings and FanDuel, some customers feel slighted knowing they were competing against people with inside information.

Kevin McCarthy Drops Out Of Speaker Race

The current House GOP leader pulled out of the race for speaker of the House, throwing the GOP leadership race into chaos and confusion.

1 Dead, 3 Injured In Shooting At Northern Arizona University

NAU Police Chief says the shooting stems from a conflict that developed between two groups of students.


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