Analysis: Style May Outweigh Gender In Senate Race

Attorney General Martha Coakley officially launched her campaign Thursday for the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s seat in the U.S. Senate. If elected, the state’s AG would become the first female senator from Massachusetts.

To talk about the role gender could play in the Senate race, we spoke with Evelyn Murphy, former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts and currently president of the WAGE Project, a national organization to end wage discrimination.

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  • Lost Beach Rights

    Martha Coakley lost public beach rights to a private group of residents, whom include her own cousin, in Rexham, Marshfield, MA. She failed to accurately take stoke of the situation in the media stunt deemed terrorist threat. She failed to protect a witness in a home invasion trial at Taunton Court. She received an unethical degree from Suffolk University while investigation the school. Martha Coakley is an unwise choice, not because she is a woman, but because her polices are dangerous to the public interest. Do you want to transfer public beach rights to private entities with include relatives to powerful politicians? Do you want an alarmist who is not tech savvy? Do you want an candidate with the murky ethics to accept an honorary doctorate from the very university her office is investigating? Martha will lose because she is not a very good public servant. Her gender doesn’t enter into that.

  • Rudolf

    Coakley may say her campaign isn’t based on her gender but the write-up in today’s Boston Globe seems to indicate that many women support her mainly or completely because she is a women. Is someone going to make the argument that they should set such considerations aside and only consider her qualifications vis-a-vis those of her opponents? I think not.

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