Statement: State Sen. Galluccio Apologizes For Hit-And-Run

State Sen. Anthony Galluccio says he panicked and left the scene of an auto accident over the weekend.

Below is the written statement issued Tuesday by the Cambridge Democrat, his first public statement since turning himself into police Monday morning:

By now, it has been widely reported that I was in an accident on Sunday afternoon not far from my house. When the accident occurred, because of my driving history, I panicked and left the scene. Although I had no reason to believe that there was any injury involved, there is no excuse for leaving the scene of an accident and I deeply regret doing so.

I realized my serious error in judgement and recognized that I needed to report the accident. The next morning, I notified the Cambridge Police Department. The police said they wanted to see the car, and I immediately invited them over to my house. I am in the process of reaching out to the other driver to offer my sincere apology. I have no turned the matter over to my insurance company, and will take care of any damages from the accident.

Clearly, there is an extra burden on me, because of my driving history and because of my position as an elected official, to be careful behind the wheel. It was an accident, followed by an error in judgement, and I offer my sincerest apologies to the driver of the other car and his passengers, and to my constituents

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  • John T. Zelazo

    This is just crazy. Panicked over a fender-bender? We can maybe belive the explination as it is somewhat so incredable that no could think of any good lie as being so dumb. If I lived in the Senator’s district I might be inclined to panick and vote for any resonable opponent in the next Democratic Primary contesting his job postion.

  • brian

    Ho-hum, another politician breaks the law and isn’t arrested, politics as usual in taxachusetts.
    Coincidentally there is another hit-and-run acccident in the paper this morning and after that driver was found he was arrested, so why wasn’t the politician?
    (no answer required, we all KNOW why).

  • Tim

    Drunk? Pee in the cup.

  • Brian

    2 DUI’s, a hit and run now too. He invited the police over after the booze was out of his system. We question why people in society do bad things… Look at who our leaders are, just a bunch of no good bums. Elected officials in Boston are in the news it seems like every week for breaking the law, taking bribes, etc. They all think they are above the law.

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