‘The Moth’ And ‘Radiolab’ Will Return To WBUR

Many of you have posted comments wondering what happened to The Moth and Radiolab. Both programs are amazing and served as great additions to our weekend schedule.

The problem is that both shows produced only a limited number of programs this year, all of which we aired this fall. More are planned for 2010, including 10 new Moth programs. We’ll put them on the schedule as soon as they are ready for broadcast.

In the meantime, we may try to rebroadcast the just-completed Radiolab series and Moth programs at the end of December during the holidays. We will keep you posted.

Sam Fleming
Managing Director, News & Programs

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  • Dave Manley

    Thank you. The recent weekend lineup changes dropped too many really great programs. Glad you’re bringing them back.

  • pamela jane leman

    Woo Hoo!! I adore both, especially RadioLab. I wish there was a way that they could make more of them!! It is really a stand out, even in a field of greatness!

  • Beverly Cawley

    I LOVE the Moth but hate, hate, hate RadioLab. It’s juvenile, disjointed and jagged. The frequent cut aways and inane comments from the hosts set my teeth on edge.

  • Maureen Fenney

    Please do rebroadcast earlier Moth and Radiolab programs.
    I would love access to archived programs too.

  • John Jovan

    I heard Radio Lab couple of times and will not listen it again. For the amount of information it is a real waste of time. So called “entertainment part” is not funny, not needed, and, frankly, anoying—->it is wasted time where straight up information could be served.

  • Beverly Cawley

    I’ve been a member for many years and the 2 times I’ve commented to this site have been discarded. Maybe because they’ve been critical of certain programs on WBUR? Hmmmm…
    As I wrote previously, I love The Moth but completely hate RadioLab. It’s disjointed, poorly recorded and the frequently repeated words and comments are banal.

  • r villa

    Radio Lab should get rid of the “cute”, ultimately patronizing presentation.

  • Willa Belcher

    Every time I have heard Radio Lab (including the article this morning spotlighting the show), I find myself immensely frustrated that the interesting material is presented in a format I cannot bear listening through. The “cute” back-and-forth and repetition are annoying and insulting. Get rid of the repetition “rid of the repetition” and save half the air time “half!”(and my time!) “(and mine!)”

  • Scott

    Radiolab is a wonderful show. They present the fascinating things they bring us as if they’re magic, and that’s how it feels. Not everything has to be as straightly delivered as a BBC News broadcast.

  • Robert

    What a refreshing and interesting change Radiolab presents!
    It’s great to break the traditional format to invigorate and enliven the investigation and our usual way of listening. My kids are also more receptive to the subject matter because it engages attention in a cognitively active way.
    NPR is certainly conventional enough in most other respects…
    MORE programming like this please!!!

  • frances mccormick

    both moth & radiolab are FUN! let’s loosen up a bit & play with ideas in a really playful joyous multi-media, multi-opinion, multi-reaction way. cheers

  • elmo

    This sums up my Radio Lab experience perfectly. So many fascinating topics, but I just can’t get through a single episode without having to turn it off before their “soundscapes” make me need to throw my iPod through a window.

  • Jaquith59

    How can I listen again to the Radiolab that was broadcast today at WBUR at 3PM, December 24th?

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