Earthquake Relief: How To Help Haiti

People search for survivors under the rubble of a collapsed building the day after an earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010.  (AP)

People search for survivors under the rubble of a collapsed building the day after an earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010. (AP)

Emergency food, medical supplies and personnel are being rushed to Haiti from around the world following Tuesday’s devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake. So how can you help? We’ve compiled a list of relief organizations, both local and international, accepting donations to aid the victims.

Local Groups:

In a Wednesday press release, Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s office outlined its plan of assistance, including the establishment of a relief fund to support local families with relatives in Haiti. According to the release, the “Fund for Boston Neighborhoods, Inc. — Haitian Family Relief” will be administered by Bank of America and donations can be made at any local branch.

The Archdiocese of Boston’s Catholic Charities is receiving emergency relief through Catholic Relief Services.

Another Boston-based group, Oxfam America, which focuses on issues of poverty and injustice, has established an Earthquake Response Fund.

Partners In Development, a Christian service organization out of Ipswich, and with staff in Guatemala and Haiti, has added a relief fund to its causes of economic and educational development.

Another local organization, Partners In Health, has set up a donation page on its Web site. PIH has, for years, had a flagship operation in Haiti providing health care options to the poor.

A group based in Hull, The Haiti Saint Rock Foundation, has operated a medical clinic and provided community services in Haiti for nearly 10 years. The village of St. Rock was closer to the earthquake’s epicenter than Port-au-Prince.

Grassroots International, a Boston-based international development and human rights organization, is also accepting relief donations. The group has more than 20 years experience in Haiti.

Additionally, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley has established a fund for the Haitian community in the Boston area. The fund is to provide counseling and crisis management to local families, and to allow those family members the ability to offer financial support.

International Groups:

A number of medical care groups have established funds to treat the casualties, including Doctors Without Borders, International Medical Corps, Medical Teams International and Haitian Health Foundation, a program that has offered public health outreach in Haiti since the early 1980′s.

Separately, a number of emergency response and disaster relief organizations are mobilizing and requesting aid, including the Help For Haiti fund of AmeriCares, a nonprofit that specializes in emergency response and humanitarian aid, and the Los Angeles-based Operation USA, which has offered relief and development aid in 99 countries over three decades.

Save the Children, which has been on the ground in Haiti for years, has also established a donation fund to provide safe drinking water, clean clothing and other necessities to victims and those displaced.

Other emergency relief efforts include the American Red Cross’ International Relief Fund, Direct Relief International, Islamic Relief USA and the United Way Worldwide’s Disaster Relief Fund.

More broadly focused organizations that have also opened donation initiatives include the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations World Food Program and The Salvation Army.

Information On Relatives:

Additionally, for those looking for information about relatives in Haiti, the U.S. State Department’s telephone hotline is 1-888-407-4747.

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  • http://www.GrassrootsOnline.org Carol Schachet

    Also based in Boston, Grassroots International has been working with Haitian partners for many years and has set up an Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund. We know from over 26 years of experience that the best aid strategy – be it in Haiti or elsewhere – is to work directly with the people most affected. Emergency relief, like all aid, needs to be led by the communities themselves and move from the bottom up, not from the top down.

  • http://www.GrassrootsOnline.org Carol Schachet

    Grassroots International, also based in Boston, is providing emergency relief with the belief that aid needs to be led by the communities themselves and move from the bottom up, not from the top down.

  • http://www.elca.org Elizabeth Yenchko

    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) International Disaster Response program – through the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) – is already responding to the critical needs of survivors in Haiti. LWF offices and staff on the island were spared in the earthquake, making it possible for work to begin immediately. Staff there will focus their immediate efforts on issues of water safety and sanitation, assisting with medical triage, and providing emergency sheltering for the many who are now homeless. The ELCA has long-standing relationships in Haiti through several organizations and the Lutheran Church in Haiti. International partnerships include Church World Service and ACT (Action by Churches Together).ELCA Disaster Response has authorized $250,000 for immediate relief assistance in Haiti, with the possibility for an additional $500,000 .Your gifts are needed now to make this type of rapid response possible. Please hold the people of Haiti in your prayers, both in your personal time of devotion and together with your family, friends and communities of faith.
    Information on giving is provided in the website link below. 100% of your gift will be used in full to bring life sustaining support to this crisis. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.The ELCA secure website address for donations to Haiti disaster relief is: https://community.elca.org/NetCommunity/SSLPage.aspx?pid=538

  • Amy

    I heard on one of your shows that Partners in Health is looking for volunteers to go to Haiti. Can you post a list of other such organizations who are looking for volunteers to cope with Haitian crisis ? Thank you.

  • http://www.trishreske.com Trish Reske

    I was just recently in Haiti with World Vision on a humanitarian trip. This is devastating and heartbreaking. World Vision has worked in Haiti for 30 years and has some 370 staff in country, most of whom are local Hatians. They are providing emergency relief. Go to http://www.worldvision.org to help.

  • Sarah Fader

    today, on On Point, they said that there was a website where members of the Haitian community living in the U.S. could post names of family in Haiti in hopes of obtaining news of them. Tom Ashbrook said that the web address could be found on the On Point site, and his guest from Partners in Health said it would be available on their website, too, but I cannot find it. I have Haitian friends in this country who are eager for this information. Can you provide it, please? Thank you very much.

  • http://chooseyourimpact.org/haiti Meghan

    I believe the website you’re looking for is: http://www.icrc.org/web/doc/siterfl0.nsf/htmlall/familylinks-haiti-eng It was set up by the red cross. There’s a list of names there that can be searched and added to.

  • http://www.HeatherInks.com Heather Inks

    Donate to Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund here: http://www.joelosteen.com/LandingPages/Pages/HaitiRelief.aspx

    Father God, help the body of Christ be generous in helping the people and nation of Haiti. Lead them to be generous in both donations and prayers. Help them be the hands and feet of Christ, and minister in deed and truth like the Good Samaritan and not just words only. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen

    Here is a missionary family over there right now: http://ourlifeinhaiti.blogspot.com/2010/01/dr-duverso-is-alive.html

  • Edith Bargar

    How to donate $10.00 by texting from your phone.

    Thank you.

  • http://jeanbellows_8@hotmail.com jean bellows

    My husband , children and I have lived and worked in Haiti. This is the most devastating event for those who can least be tested further. I am a trauma psychologist in Boston, my husband a physician in Boston. Can our services be useful in the local Haitian communities? Thank you.

  • Robin

    To the person asking about texting to send $10.00 Red Cross donation: text to 90999. You will receive a confirmation message to confirm sending the donaton (it’s an automatic $10). Hope this helps. You can also go directly to the Red Cross website to donate.

  • Florence Fielding

    hi there

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