Secretary Of State Dismisses Reports Of Voting Irregularities

BOSTON — The Massachusetts secretary of state is discounting reports of voter irregularities in the special Senate election.

A spokesman for Secretary of State William Galvin said Tuesday two reports of spoiled ballots could not be verified or found to be widespread.

In one case, someone voting in Cambridge claimed a ballot had already been marked for Republican Scott Brown. There was no way to verify the claim, but the ballot was destroyed.

In another case, a person in Boston reported finding a ballot inside a privacy folder also marked for Brown. Officials say it may have been left inadvertently by an earlier voter.

Aides to Democrat Martha Coakley called a news conference to raise voter awareness of the concerns.

An attorney for the Brown campaign dismissed the claims as a “reckless” political attack from a “desperate” campaign, noting the statement on Coakley’s Web site originally was dated Monday.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/jslconsulting John LaRosa

    Has anyone determined who filled out those ballots? Has anyone asked which campaign might benefit from last minute press conferences? Is the AG “planting” evidence for political gain? I don’t know the answers to these questions…do you?

  • jon

    Sounds like so many people are voting for Brown that ballots are overflowing the ballot boxes and are being mistakenly handed out again.

  • Bob

    This allegation sounds so stupid it can’t possibly be true. More than likelybsome voters are just making this up to see if Martha “Palin” Coakley would be dumb enough to swallow the bait (hook, line, and sinker)!

  • TTFK

    Just one little problem… They dated the press release YESTERDAY!

  • Harold

    Pathetic. Its called being a sore loser.

  • Gustave O’Gamba

    The press release is dated 01/19/2010. That is today’s date.

  • Nom Deplume

    How about the VIDEO of the democratic activist Isabel Melendez (Menendez?) in Lawrence, handing out absentee ballots in Spanish and instructing people how to fill them out? And guess who’s name Isabel says they should check?

  • Sandy

    Just a little problem with the Isabel complaints, MA stopped accepting absentee ballots last week.

    Hopefully this allegation is nothing, because the last thing this state needs right now is a dogfight in court.

  • dv

    Get those Scott Brown criminals to court. GO MARTHA!!!

  • PMoore

    Go, Martha!!!
    Pre-marked ballots for any candidate are a travesty.


    After tonight, When people order Breakfast at a restaurant, they will be asked, “Would you like Coakley or Pancakes with your eggs?”

  • rascal

    time to get gop on this. if she loses she should exercise all of her Constitutional rights just like the gop did in the Franken election.

  • Anne Onymous

    Well, I do know the people in our town relate they NEVER saw so many OUT OF STATE “residents” voting… IS THAT TRUE across the Commonwealth. I’d start with those, ABSENTEES and make SURE they are RESIDENTS in fact, ABSENT, in fact, etc…

  • Bradley Dial

    For those of you clicking and seeing January 19th, they corrected it. This was obviously a pre-planned, last-ditch effort to gum up the works and drag out the election if they lost by a few thousand. They obviously didn’t foresee (imagine that… Coakley stopped campaigning after the primary) getting trucked by tens of thousands of votes.

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