Family Says Body of Mass. Student Found In Haiti

BOSTON — The family of a college student from Rutland says her body has been found in Haiti, more than a month after the earthquake there.

Searchers discovered the body of Britney Gengel Sunday in the ruins of the Port-au-Prince hotel where she had been staying with other students from Florida’s Lynn University.

The students were in Haiti to work with the poor.

Britney’s mother, Cherylann, spoke to reporters Sunday.

“Our worst fear was that she was going to be in Haiti forever, and we didn’t want that,” she said. “As horrific as it as that we finally received the phone call, we’re glad that we did. We’re just going to be glad to have her back home here with us.”

Shortly after the earthquake, the Gengel family’s hopes were raised by a report that their daughter had been found alive, but that turned out to be inaccurate.

Britney Gengel’s funeral is planned for Saturday. She turned 20 in the month that she was missing.

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  • http://pcreeden@comcast.net Peter Petraitis

    Further evidence that most people do NOT relate to the soul or essence of a person but to their physical body. They think the person is their body. “…glad to have her back home here with us.” Jeezus! Extremely naive thinking. That’s why I loved that movie about the autistic woman and that she always asked when confronted with a corpse “Where do they go?” Speaks volumes.

  • http://flashoverfilm.com Sean

    @Peter Who’s being naive here? You clearly didn’t follow this story, did you? The Gengel family kept hope alive for Britney’s safe return home weeks after the quake. They even went to the site of the collapsed hotel to help look for their daughter. They’re merely stating that they’re happy her body has been found. It’s more or less a positive way of thinking. If you lost your child at such an early age I don’t think you would want to believe she was dead either.

  • Jonathan

    Peter… don’t you have anything better to do than berate a family that recently lost their daughter?

  • Juan

    Man Peter, I’ve seen insensitivity before, but damn. You couldnt possibly be a parent.

  • http://WBUR Sharon

    When a human being dies an unexpected death – a desire for those left behind is to see or view the body. Why? It’s a natural reaction from the traumatic loss, it confirms the loss, it helps the human mind process the loss, etc. If this can be achieved this many times allows the grieving process to progress naturally before it becomes complicated grief. Just some reasons why a loved one might want to see the body, bring the body “home” and have a burial/funeral ceremony. Then acceptance can begin, along with healing. A sudden death without any warning is never easy and hard to cope with. My thoughts go out to the family.

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