List: Massachusetts’ 35 ‘Level 4,’ Or Underperforming, Schools

BOSTON — The following schools have been deemed “underperforming,” according to a release (PDF) from the Massachusetts Department of Education:

Boston School District:

  • 1. Agassiz
  • 2. Blackstone
  • 3. Dearborn
  • 4. Elihu Greenwood
  • 5. Harbor School
  • 6. Jeremiah E. Burke
  • 7. John F Kennedy
  • 8. John P. Holland
  • 9. Orchard Gardens
  • 10. Paul A. Dever
  • 11. The English High
  • 12. William Monroe Trotter

Fall River School District:

  • 13. Henry Lord
  • 14. John J. Doran
  • 15. Matthew J. Kuss

Holyoke School District:

  • 16. Morgan
  • 17. Wm. J. Dean Voc Tech

Lawrence School District:

  • 18. Arlington
  • 19. South Lawrence East

Lowell School District:

  • 20. Charlotte M. Murkland

Lynn School District:

  • 21. E. J. Harrington
  • 22. Wm. P. Connery

New Bedford School District:

  • 23. John Avery Parker

Springfield School District:

  • 24. Alfred G. Zanetti
  • 25. Brightwood
  • 26. Chestnut Street
  • 27. Elias Brookings
  • 28. Gerena
  • 29. High School Of Commerce
  • 30. Homer Street
  • 31. John F. Kennedy
  • 32. M. Marcus Kiley
  • 33. White Street

Worcester School District:

  • 34. Chandler Community
  • 35. Union Hill
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  • J Bargar

    The teachers in these schools deserve special extra pay and recognition for working with our most challenging population: poor urban youth. Many of these children come to school each day with tremendous obstacles for learning and the teachers are there for them. 99% of our society turns their collective backs on the situation. But instead of praise and support, these teachers receive all the blame for the failure of these schools to “measure” up to standards set impossibly high. I’d like to see a staff from Sharon H.S or a Scituate middle school switch places with the staff of one of these “underperforming” schools. They would have a new appreciation for the work these unheralded teachers do!

  • L. Wodin

    Moving celebrated teachers to underperforming schools is an interesting idea. I wonder if it’s ever been done…or if parents from “sending districts” would have a fit.

  • http://d.dsmdsm@gmail.com d

    I’d endorse having these kids graduate from school with a B average. That’s the job. Let’s get it done.

  • http://WBUR.org Mark Yorke

    I worked at Dever Elementary. Every teacher and worker was dedicated and hardworking, especially the principle. Many of the students had less than ideal family situtions which did not foster academic achievement. The challenges for the teachers were overwhelming and they did their best despite this.

  • patty

    I was so disappointed to see the William Montroe Trotter school on thsi list. My children and most of their Jamaica Plain and Roslindale friends went to elementary school here in the 90′s. I never once was concerned for my children’s safety and the teachers were exceptional, many being golden apple award recipients. At the time a lot of money was budgeted for the school and children were encouraged to learn. Parents were very involved and always felt like a partner with the techers. My son won a Presidential Acedemic award in grade 5. My daughter spent a year at the Timilty then went on to Latin Acedemy and then on to Boston Arts Academy. My son went to Latin and ACC in Brighton. They went to excellant higher level schools as they learned enough and acheived enough to get into them. We have such fond memories of the Trotter and it is really sad how a school that once was so prestigious that there was a long waiting list to get in is now a poorly performing school. How did the school department allow this? This is tragic for the children, parents and staff. Obviously the school department cut back there support somewhere along the line. My kids and their friends are happy they were all “Trotter kids” and my son who jsut graduated college is still best friends with his friends rom 1st grade.

  • cjygudwin

    If kids haven’t been taught at home to value education by the time they are about ten years old, there is little that teachers can do. Children see the adults around them getting by without education or without even English and that is good enough for them. They learn life is about surviving or just getting by. The idea of rising above the low standards they see every day at home or in their neighborhood is completely alien.

  • Thejslf

    henry lord sucks

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