Provincetown Policy Outlines Condoms For Schoolchildren

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. — Children as young as five will be able to obtain free condoms at school under a new policy implemented by the Provincetown School Committee.

The school committee put no age requirements on the new policy to provide condoms to any student who requests them, said Superintendent Beth Singer. She said providing condoms to students will facilitate communication about sexual activity between students and adults.

“The advantage is that they get to have a conversation and they get information, which you don’t get over the counter of the cashier,” Singer said.

Under the guidelines of the new policy, any student requesting condoms will be told the school system recommends abstinence.  The policy, however, prohibits parental notification.

“We certainly wouldn’t be advertising it to young children,” Singer said.  “It will be in the student handbooks and there are designated professionals in the building who will be identified as the people to go to.”

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  • frank burns

    No, if they insist on asking the nurse for one, let her refuse. The little sinners deserve catching HIV or anything else at that age. They are far to young to be having sex.

  • Greg Davis

    Shame on your Frank saying these kids deserve HIV or anything. It is closed mind people like who drives their children to do thing that wouldn’t think about doing. I think this great of the school district to do this. In this day an age kids are going to have sex . Why not give them the tools to be safe about it. Should the parents be notified is debatable. Having some of the parents finding out and punishing them would further their urge to do it more . How about the embarrassment of buying at a grocery store?? If they are going to have sex at least they know where they can get them. There are too many teens these at the age 14 or 15 having children hopefully this program can help

  • Gus

    Schools need to focus on education. If a child wants to have some condoms then the child can go to WalMart and buy/steal some condoms.

  • Joy

    They are mature enough to have sex but not mature enough to purchase them from a grocery store?! I definitely think that parents should be notified. These are minors that we are talking about… will you take care of their baby if the child can’t raise him/her. Condoms are not 100% reliable.

  • Penny

    Supertindent Singer should not be in this position obviously she is a progressive and very immoral. Supertindent Singer should not be allowed around children.

  • Tim

    These people are pedophiles

  • Tim

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  • Conor

    Reminds me of a certain BBC show

  • Citizen James

    I’m not a luddite. Yet this idea of robots fighting to the death feels disturbing. With all the issues in the world that science and technology is able to solve, killing another robot a is small ambition. We’re here for only so long, and then nothing matters. I can only imagine that a group of creative, talented and ingenious people like the ones profiled here could focus on more meaningful and memorable achievements. I wish them well on their journeys.

    • Aron

      Hey James, I was the guy who organized the winning Somervillains team. Let’s not read too far into this, eh? ;-)

      • Citizen James

        Aron, I understand your point. At the same time I look forward to learning about the good work you’ll accomplish ahead in your career. Cheers.

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